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Smart Opportunities for the Choice of Basketball

You choose the size of your basketball on the basis of gender and age. Children up to six years old have nothing to do with a big ball. Ask your shop for a size 3 ball to get to know the early principles of the game. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 play with a size 5. Decathlon has special, lighter 5-balls, the so-called Whizzies, to teach children the basics of basketball. Children between 12 and 14 years old, and all ladies from 12 years old play with a size six. Boys over 14, and all men, play with size seven.

Inside or outside?

The pistons basketball can be made of leather, synthetic leather, rubber and plastic. Different materials give different game experiences. To choose the right ball, look at the surface you are playing on.

Do you play outside? Then choose a ball made of rubber. This material is more durable and is more resistant to the harsh playing environment of the street. Are you going to play both indoors and outdoors, then choose a ball of fake leather. This ball bounces nicely and lasts a long time.

For regular players, who only play indoors, we recommend a real leather ball. It gives the optimal ball feeling on wooden and plain plastic floors in your local sports hall. The models vary in their surface. That’s why we always recommend testing the balls first in the store! And playing outside with an inner ball? That can be secretly fine, but the ball will undoubtedly wear out faster …

How do I pump it up?

How hard a ball must be is a feeling question. A too hard ball provides control: The ball bounces where you do not want it. And a too soft ball? Of course you can not do anything with that. A good rule of thumb is to drop the ball from shoulder height. If he rises above the hip again, you will not lose your dribble just like that.

Basketballs vary from design and construction. Which ball is best suited for outdoor, indoor, competitions or small children? We get a lot of these questions.

The construction of the ball:

When making every basketball starts with the “bladder”, the bladder. This is best compared with the material of a bicycle tire. Four parts are glued together and a valve is placed in one part. The bladder enters a machine that both blows air into the valve and the parts melt together. Because the bladder goes into a round mold, it gets its round shape. The bladder does not bounce.

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