Piston’s Early Quarters Let Them Down Against Wizards

The Detroit Pistons went up against the Washington Wizards today, losing 97 – 102 against a team they’ve had a rocky history with in the last few years. In fact, since the start of the 2015-2016 season, the Pistons have only managed to win 3 out of 12 games, taking home just 1 victory in their last 5 matches (which was back in March of 2018).

The Wizards got the better of the Pistons in the first two quarters, winning them both with scores of 27-24 and 27-21. The third quarter was the only one in which they won on points with a 29-25 lead. The final quarter was a 23-23 draw that led to the Wizards taking home a 5-point victory – quite a clear indication that getting off the ground was the hard part for the Pistons, although their work in the latter half of the game seemed sound.

The exhibition game is being called by many as a potential look at the 2018-2019 season’s starting lineup for the Wizards, with four well-known names by way of Drummond, Griffin, Jackson and Bullock. Stanley Johnson however – the fifth choice by Pistons’ new coach Dwane Casey – might come as a surprise to some. Johnson had a stellar rookie season but fell slightly short of pundit predictions over the following years: does Casey see something in the 22-year old that might make him a staple Piston starter? Time will tell, but there’s a cautious level of optimism amongst fans that are excited for the season ahead.

What do we know about Stanley Johnson anyway? Well when he’s not putting in hours at the gym with kettle bell training regimes or kicking back to some Imagefap on his phone, Stanley’s getting fly cuts delivered at the Rosewood Barber in Beverly Grove. Johnson’s young, hungry and full of ambition – no doubt if he does get a place in the starting lineup under Casey’s control, he’s going to do everything he can to stay there.

That said, in an interview earlier this year at the Little Caesars Arena, Johnson told journalists that he was tired of hearing about potential and other words that suggested he just wasn’t ready for the big leagues – Johnson’s going to treat 2018-2019 as his breakout season and ultimately, how he performs over the next 12 months will decide what his future in basketballs is going to look like.

There’s still plenty to see from the Pistons over the next few games: hopefully the start of the season will bring victory after victory. Casey has gone on the record as wanting this season to be the best ever and thinks he has the tools to take his team to the playoffs and beyond. Whether or not that’s the case – we’ll have to wait and see, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed for now.

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